Bowling Green community activist and pastor dies

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-An activist and long time pastor in the Bowling Green community has passed away.

Reverend Freddie L. Brown of State Street Baptist Church died on Monday, but church members said his legacy lives on.

“He was a leader, but he never led by fear or by pushing people. He led with love,” said Ryan Dearbone, a friend of the late Brown.

The 76-year old minister’s leadership was sometimes controversial. Specifically, when he started campaigning for women to assume leadership roles at church.

“We have several female ministers that preach and are actively part of the service, and I know that a lot of people have had issues with that,” said Dearbone.

Brown spent 28 years as a leader at State Street Baptist Church, first arriving in 1991. While he’ll be dearly missed, church members said they’re looking ahead.

“There’s a sense of sadness and loss, but we believe that he had taught us well. That we are unified and keep moving onward,” said church minister James Turner.

Members of the church and community attended a noon gathering Wednesday at the church, where they spoke about how they will remember and miss Brown.