Bowling Green Civil Air Patrol introduces drones

BOWLING GREEN Ky. – At an open house Monday night in Bowling Green, adult Civil Air Patrol members introduced a new aerospace program and announced drone usage in the Civil Air Patrol. Cadets in the program showed off their drone flying skills during Monday night’s program.

Adult Unit Commander Nicholas Greenman said this program is a great way to teach cadets valuable skills with the newly added drones enhancing the program.

“Being able to serve the community and give back in such a fun way is a golden opportunity here in Bowling Green, Kentucky through the civil air patrol. Being able to not only be a part of the organization for myself, being able to help the kids do the very same things is super rewarding,” Greenman said.

For the Civil Air Patrol to perform its core values, skills such as leadership are key. Cadet Abby Boyden said she’s glad to be in this program at such a young age.

“It makes me feel like I’m a part of something bigger than myself. It makes me feel like, as a 16-year-old person that’s just getting to learn about life, being able to do something for the community that other teenagers might not get to do. It makes me feel better knowing that I’m bringing something for the good of our generation and to help others,” Boyden said.

Civil Air Patrol locally has helped in the search for missing people. Drones will fly pre programmed flight plans to assist in searches and could deliver necessary cargo such as medical supplies and food or water in times of emergencies. CAP’s cadets are the future of the program.

“I’ll always come back to Civil Air Patrol knowing what it’s done for me, and what it’s taught me about leadership. how to be a great leader, and how to do my job correctly,” Boyden said.