Bowling Green city officials discuss approving Bird scooters

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- The electric scooter-share company known as Bird could soon operate in Bowling Green. City officials are talking about ways to regulate the scooters, which can be picked up and dropped off practically anywhere within the city’s limits.

Bird already operates in Nashville, and is quickly expanding to cities all over the country. The scooter-share company is facing criticism in some cities, following reports of the scooters being vandalized and dumped in lakes and oceans.

At a retreat Friday, Bowling Green’s Board of Commissioners discussed the controversy surrounding the scooters, and how to make sure they don’t become a nuisance to the community.  Ideas brought up at the meeting ranged from having a set location to pick up and drop off the scooters, to having designated parking spaces for the scooters downtown.

Commissioner Sue Parrigin suggests the goal of the board is to be proactive about the possible arrival of electric scooters to Bowling Green.

“The conversation surrounds itself around, where do they go and where’s the proper place. We just really don’t want the scooters just thrown all over the streets, the sidewalks and anywhere that someone decides to let one go,” said Parrigin.

Some commissioners suggested that the scooter company be charged a fee to operate in case the city becomes burdened with towing or recovering the scooters.