Bowling Green celebrates National Day of Prayer

BOWLING GREEN Ky. – The first Thursday of May means a day of fellowship, worship and prayer for all faiths. The National Day of Prayer began in 1952.

Residents and employees at Signature Healthcare celebrated the day, where Bowling Green Christian Academy principal Michael Hammond had the chance to pray for the residents.

“It’s amazing just being able to connect with them. I feel it’s very helpful as we do life together throughout each day to be able to connect with other people. Being able to share experiences, encourage each other, and prayer is a great way to encourage one another as well,” Hammond said.

A big event originally scheduled at Fountain Square Park moved to a nearby church after a wave of rain moved in. But that didn’t stop anyone from celebrating the day. Pastor of Fountain Square Ministries, Roger Ryan, said it’s a great feeling to know that the weather didn’t affect the turnout.

“We’ve had days where the weather didn’t cooperate. Today, we had just a large turnout. It was a great time. I really thought there was cohesion, like one mind one accord. It was very impactful,” Ryan said.

It takes passion to head these events. Ryan explains how it feels to be a part of the National Day of Prayer.

“I love it. Sometimes I feel a little guilty because I get to help lead it and give it some guidance, but I get so much out of it. I just get blessed out of it so much. I did it when I wasn’t leading it, and I will do it again when I’m not leading it. It’s a blessing to me,” Ryan said.