Bowling Green Cardiovascular Symposium draws in medical professionals from around the nation

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Top medical professionals came together in Bowling Green Friday as the national concern surrounding lung illness and vaping is growing.

The 2019 Cardiovascular Symposium took place at Western Kentucky Heart, Lung and Gastroenterology, which falls under Med Center Health.

It was a chance for the latest research in cardiovascular care to be presented and discussed. New this year, pulmonology research was included.

A pulmonologist at Western Kentucky Heart & Lung weighed in with his expertise and added this advice:

“There’s a lot of going theories about what has caused this. There’s thoughts on vitamin E, there’s thoughts on whether this is related to CBD oil itself. We don’t know all of that yet. What I’m saying right now is, I tell people to be very very careful, and I tell them that the only thing that belongs in your lungs is air,” said Dr. Karan Singh, Associate Director of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at Western Kentucky Heart & Lung.

Dr. Singh also said he’s always encouraged people not to smoke, and recently has started encouraging people not to vape.