Bowling Green businesses bouncing back

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Nearing the anniversary of the tornadoes that struck Bowling Green, over on River St., one small business is laying new roots.

Musser Automotive, a repair shop in Bowling Green since 2014 has recently relocated. After being destroyed by the tornadoes ripping through town, the shop has finally resettled and attempting to come back. News 40 spoke with owner Jason Musser about the struggles of repairing his livelihood.

Musser said to us that he lost “hundreds of thousands of dollars” in equipment and supplies after the tornado took down his previous location on the bypass. He said the vey next day, he and his crew started looking for a new space. The tornado came at a time when he was just looking to open up a second location to expand business. He also said among top priorities were unemployment and mortgage deferments for employees.

Musser expressed repeatedly how the process has not been easy, from guarding what was left of the shop from looters, to applying for a loan from the Small Business Administration or SBA.

Musser said he is optimistic about the future and focusing on moving for