Bowling Green bus driver decorates home for kids – donations help abused children

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – One Bowling Green bus driver with a heart for kids kicks up his holiday cheer once again this Christmas, all for a good cause.

Bowling Green’s Greg Barrick has always loved lighting up his home for the holidays. This season’s winter decorations mark year 15 in a row.

Barrick has a heart for children. From Warren County Public Schools bus driver to Santa’s helper, Barrick loves seeing kids trying to catch Santa’s attention.

“Many of them come back year after year,” said Barrack. “You think that they’ll outgrow it, and then the next year there will be more new kids who come up.”

11-year-old neighbor Kade Kasprisin said, “I think this house just gives me a touch of Christmas spirit more.”

Along with Greg’s homemade snowflakes, candy canes and reindeer, people can also turn their radios to 93.7FM to hear Santa’s voice talk in tune with the Santa hologram in the window.

Barrick is flooded with donations every year, but he wants no part of the money. 

“We’re doing it to make people happy,” said, Barrick. “[To] give them five minutes of joy when they pull up, and they watch Santa Claus and they look around. I would rather somebody benefit than us.”

Instead, Barrick asked the Barren River Area Child Advocacy Center if he could send them his donations to help abused kids. 

Barren River Area Child Advocacy Center’s Sabrina Durbin said, “We are so grateful for that, and we have seen so much joy from that. People have actually reached out to us about it. So, we are so excited to see that display grow and just the partnerships; we’re so overwhelmed with the support that we have here in the community.”

Barrick said the final days toward Christmas, his sidewalk is always jammed packed.

“There are multiple, multiple people that will come and thank you throughout the year, and they’ll come in July and ask, ‘Are you going to do it this year? Are you going to do it this year’, and I’ll say, ‘Absolutely, if that’s what you want!'”

Judging by kids’ reaction Wednesday night, it seems Barrick will get those requests rolling in again next summer.

To check out Barrick decorations, people can head to 759 Steeplechase Way in Bowling Green. Visitors should be sure to tune their radios to 93.7FM to hear Santa.