Bowling Green attorney charged with money laundering

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – A Bowling Green attorney is accused of conspiring with another man to launder money that the other man made through illegal gambling.

H. Harris Pepper, Jr. was charged in a federal information Feb. 14 in U.S. District Court in the Western District of Kentucky with one count of money laundering conspiracy.

His alleged co-conspirator is listed in federal court records as “D.B.”

D.B. used $125,000 to buy a percentage of ownership of Hard Six, LLC in 2008. Pepper is accused of knowing portions of the money invested were proceeds of illegal activity, according to Pepper’s federal charging document.

D.B. is identified in other federal records as Douglas Booth who pleaded guilty last year to all of the charges against him in an 11-count federal indictment issued in 2018.

Booth operated a sports wagering business and pleaded guilty to transmission of wagering information between Kentucky and Costa Rica. He also pleaded guilty to five counts of money laundering and five counts of failure to file federal income tax returns. Booth’s 2018 indictment reads that he was a part owner of Hard Six, LLC  and that in 2008 he purchased that ownership with $125,000 in cash with an unnamed co-conspirator who knew the invested proceeds were from an unlawful activity.

This transaction and others in Booth’s court records match information contained in Pepper’s charging document.

Pepper is accused of helping Booth buy ownership in three companies in which portions of Booth’s proceeds were monies gained through unlawful activity and concealing Booth’s investments in those transactions.

Pepper practices real estate law. Pepper’s Louisville attorney Marc Murphy, who is with the firm Stites & Harbison, declined to talk about the case.

“Because the proceedings are currently scheduled and we’re going into a hearing Thursday, I can’t say anything until Thursday,” Murphy said.