Bowling Green and Warren County win “Beautify the Bluegrass”!

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – In Frankfort today, Warren County and Bowling Green won an award from the Governor’s office for “Beautify the Bluegrass”.

This award is given yearly to a community that creates a project to engender pride in their town. Per contest rules, a Kentucky utility company nominates someone to represent their respective area, the project is then voted on by Kentucky citizens through Kentucky Living magazine. This years winner was bowling green and Warren county for the Beautify I-65 project led by Operation PRIDE.

News 40 spoke to Operation PRIDE Chairman Johnny Webb after arriving back in Bowling Green about his involvement with the project. Webb,  who started the non-profit back in the 90s during his time as mayor said, “One thing that I’m really proud of is that every penny of that every single cent is private funds. It’s from individuals, small businesses. Not one cent from city tax money, county tax money, state tax money or federal tax money.” To date Operation PRIDE’s I-65 project has gathered 4 million dollars in it’s 3 years and many credit solely Webb, for that impressive feat. 

Warren Rural Electric Co-op Commission nominated “Beautify I-65″ this year and were very proud to do so. In an interview with Kim Phelps, the Senior Director of Public Relations and Communications, Phelps said, “Projects that make our community better that show community pride and this one was just a no brainer. It’s such a wonderful project, we were honored to be able to submit that one this year.”

Webb said that this year is only the beginning and he is hoping to raise another 1 million dollars to finish funding for development of gates on the other 4 exits into Bowling Green.