Booze alert! BH James Distillery open

ADAIRVILLE, Ky. – Shawn McCormick, a man of Logan County lineage, has recently opened a distillery in the old Adairville fire station. 

McCormick, at his bourbon and vodka distillation facility, along with his small staff, spends days making spirits named to the tune of his family’s history. Burton James was his great grandfather and a pro baseball player, James Lake, was a project for his great grandmother by James. Using these names, McCormick was able to come full circle in his life path now in 2023. 

“I always wanted my own business…” The distiller said to News 40, as he recalled 10 years of memories. McCormick told the station he went on the Bourbon Trail himself back in 2012 and was inspired to get his own distillery going, with his educational background in food science at the time. He said the set up looked similar to things he had seen at work and figured it wouldn’t be too difficult, but he would later find himself mistaken. 

Fast forward just over 10 years later, the idea becomes reality on Gallatin road in Adairville, selling his own vodka and bourbon in the name of his hometown roots. The still isn’t ready quite yet for sit down tastings and tours, but you’re able to swing by for yourself Thursday through Saturday. With photo get a taste for yourself and maybe buy a bottle or two. For more information on BH James Distillery, you can head to