Body scanners reduce contraband inside jails

GLASGOW, Ky.- In South-Central Kentucky jails, keeping out contraband is a constant battle. Body scanners are the latest weapon in that battle, and one of the devices is already being put to use at the Barren County Detention Center.

Drugs, weapons and other prohibited items often end up inside detention centers. Barren County Jailer Aaron Bennett said the most commonly smuggled item is tobacco. Other commonly smuggled items include needles and narcotics.

An arrestee or inmate will sometimes try to hide contraband in an odd, or inconspicuous place. If possible, they may even try to swallow the item.

That was the case earlier this week when an arrestee swallowed baggies filled with a suspected drug substance. The scanner was able to detect those items and the person was taken to a hospital for treatment prior to being lodged.

Those caught trying to smuggle in contraband could face felony charges. So, in some ways the body scanner acts as a deterrent.