Bo Matthews named a finalist for Kentucky Superintendent of the year

GLASGOW, Ky.-The rural town of Glasgow has a school district whose superintendent has been recognized as a finalist out of four for the Kentucky superintendent of the year. It’s none other than Bo Matthews from the Barren County School District.

“I’m flattered and humbled that I would be in the conversation for such an honor. Any light that shines on Bo Matthews needs to also include those people that I’m blessed to work with in the school district. They’re really the engine that makes things go,” Matthews said.

The selections were made in November, but the official announcement came Tuesday from the Kentucky Association of School Administrators. Barren County High School principal Amy Irwin said Matthews’ focus on the students is a big reason why he’s being noticed.

“Mr. Bo Matthews is a service leader. He gets in the trenches with teachers, students, administrators, and always pushes the bar higher for opportunities,” Irwin said.

Students say they appreciate how Matthews dispenses knowledge to everyone he meets, and his emphasis on providing opportunities for the Trojans.

“I have a lot of opportunities. I’m able to go out every day and co-op at an elementary school so I can get my foot into the door,” said Barren County High School junior Carlie Stephens.

Students also say Matthews has a way of inspiring others to follow in his footsteps.

“I also want to continue on and maybe one day be an administrator, so him telling me how he got on that path was inspiring to me,” Stephens said.

Matthews calls the Barren County School District his home, and said this recognition belongs to the district as a whole.

“It really is all about the kids. Our energy is put into making sure that we find people who have a passion for teaching, for loving children, and for creating opportunities for each of them to find their niche and ultimately be a success in life,” Matthews said.

Out of the four finalists, Dr. Brian Creasman of the Fleming County School District was named superintendent of the year.