Bike safety rodeo teaches kids to ride the roads cautiously

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Strap on your helmets and hop on your bikes- it’s the bike safety rodeo at the NCM Motorsports Park. 

Norton Children’s Hospital hosted the rodeo to teach kids the rules of the road in a unique way. 

A professional instructor taught the kids how to put on a helmet correctly, how to walk across a railroad crossing and look both ways before crossing the road. 

More kids ages five to 14 end up in emergency rooms from biking accidents compared to any other activity.

“We’ll all get bruised up and skinned up but it’s hard to fix your brain. Your broken arms, legs, that’s bad, but they’ll heal. It’s hard to fix your brain so make sure you always wear your helmet,” said Norton Children’s Children’s Hospital Bicycle Safety Coordinator Doug Beckhart. 

The event is free to the community and held multiple times a year.