Big Brownsville Bash takes place this weekend in Edmonson County

BROWNSVILLE, Ky. – The 2nd annual Big Brownsville Bash makes its way to Edmonson County with plenty of events to offer to the community.

“The Chamber of Commerce last year decided that, you know, we would try to put this on and this type of festival has not been done in downtown Brownsville. And so we thought we would try it and we brought record numbers of people out to the square last year, and we’re looking for that again this year,” Edmonson County Chamber of Commerce President Darren Doyle says.

Doyle decided to create the Bash to give the small town of Brownsville a little excitement.

“In Edmonson County with a small population, there’s not a whole lot of things to do here. And so no matter what age you are, whether you’re tiny or whether you’re 100, there’s going to be something for you to do out here at the Big Brownsville Bash. The great part is you can come out here and be a part of this and you don’t have to spend any money,” Doyle says.

The fun started yesterday with a baby show, continued today with the tractor show and continues tomorrow with a crafts fair, car show, inflatables and a explosive conclusion.

“Everyone is welcome. Everything is free. And there’s going to be fireworks tomorrow night. You can see anywhere in Brownsville, but they’re going to be set off at the high school. But anywhere in Brownsville, you’ll be able to see them,” Chamber Coordinator Kayla Childress says.

If you want to attend the Big Brownsville Bash, head to the square at Main Cross Street. There will be fun events throughout the entire day for the whole family.