BGFD breaks ground for Fire Station 8

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Bowling Green Fire Department is working to make fire response times safer for businesses.

The agency broke ground for Fire Station 8 on Glasgow Road within the Kentucky Transpark, where officials say a $4.1 million station will be built.

Chief Justin Brooks of the Bowling Green Fire Department says the station will staff 12 people, with four people covering each shift.

“A lot of this goes back to our previous chief, chief Jason Colson, a visionary who could see the need in this area,” Brooks said. The truck for this station will be designed specifically to better fight fires at industrial plants.

Several expansion are coming to the Kentucky Transpark, including I-O Glass, which will break ground this Friday. Construction is currently ongoing for Envision AESC.

He said this step is progress, because the mission of the Bowling Green Fire Department is to “serve, save and protect, to make it better.”

“This station will allow us to meet the mission for this community, for the city,” Brooks said. “Having people on scene quick makes a huge difference. That’s why we care about response time.”

The fire station will be responsible for protecting the Transpark area, which has a lot of infrastructure, and more to come.

Brooks says the current timeline for completion is one year.