BG the Christmas elf is visiting Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The City of Bowling Green has a very special visitor this year, BG the Christmas elf!

One special elf, BG, was fortunate enough to take a vacation for Christmas this year.

So, she is visiting the City of Bowling Green and using her special Christmas vacation granted magic to help out in Bowling Green.

Jen Edwards has been helping manage what BG’s assignments are for the day while she helps out the city.

“BG decided to come down to Bowling Green. She decided, since she has the year off, she doesn’t actually have to watch a kid this year, that she was going to go and apply for some of our jobs and intern and shadow and help out wherever needed and kind of check and see what everything is like. So someday, if she decides to retire from working in the North Pole is Santa to maybe come and join us in Bowling Green,” said Edwards.

BG even visited the city’s fitness center and left with a new best friend, Frank LaManna.

He even let her tag along to breakfast after a workout and said she thought the food was strange but delicious, not like anything she usually eats at the North Pole.

“She wouldn’t let me see who was in her book, in Santa’s book, of naughty and nice. But it’s interesting to see how they keep up with that. And all I can tell everybody that’s watching this is make sure, no matter who you are or how old you are, that you’re always nice and respectful because if it’s not Santa that’s watching, it’s one of the elves, and they do let Santa know what’s going on,” said LaManna.

BG has even visited the fire department, a local park, and has been helping out around the office.

“She also helped out a lot with the Downtown Lights Up and the Christmas on College Street. She helped decorate and fill all of those bags, there were 650 bags, so they needed a lot of help with that stuff. And, you know, lucky for us she has all the decorating experience from the North Pole,” said Edwards.

She has plans to help around the office more, visit with the police department and more.

Bowling Green is glad to welcome her and all of her elf friends to the city as her friends keep an eye on the local children and she enjoys her vacation in the Commonwealth.

The area has a large amount of diversity, for now even including an elf, and she adds to it reminding everyone to treat others with kindness and respect.

“Bowling Green is becoming so diverse with all the different populations and ethnicities from all around the world. So it’s neat to welcome somebody else, to just to let everybody know that, regardless of where you came from or who you are, that you are welcome and the Bowling Green is just one big family,” said LaManna.

BG told WNKY off camera that she is so thankful for the special vacation magic that allows her to move several times a day instead of just once like usual.

She said she’s seen a lot of nice people in Bowling Green and is excited for her visit with BGPD coming up soon.

Check out the cities social media pages to follow along with BG’s trip to Bowling Green and see where she is going next.