BG mother-daughter run restaurant celebrates National Taco Day

Taqueria Los Vazquez

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Taco lovers across America are celebrating National Taco Day, and one Bowling Green family-run restaurant showed News 40 how they incorporate their Mexican heritage into their cooking. 

Driving down old Morgantown Road, you might just smell Mama Vasquez’s authentic Mexican-style tacos.

Mama Vasquez passes down her culture to her three daughters and her community through her handmade food. 

This restaurant’s homemade tortillas and fresh drinks cater to Bowling Green‘s growing 8 percent Hispanic population.

Daughter Maria Vasquez said, “We love sharing our culture; bringing some of our home to y’alls. Because, this is home to us, too. We grew up here. This is what our mom used to serve us as kids, so now we get to share it with everybody.”

Maria says she and her sisters plan to one day run the family business, but they have a lot to learn before mama handover the keys