BG Man Allegedly Kidnaps Man, Handcuffed and Forced to Urinate in Cups

Bowling Green police say they received a complaint around 7:00 am from a man stating Dandre Bernard Richardson, 30, a man he had been having a romantic relationship with, kidnapped him from Michigan.

He tells police Richardson handcuffed him periodically on the trip to Bowling Green, took his phone, and when asked to return home, he threatened his family with violence.

The victim also recalls Richardson striking him in the face when he attempted to leave his Bowman Lane apartment.

He says he was handcuffed to a hot water heater, forced to urinate into plastic cups, and threatened with a hammer because he sat up right.

After Richardson left for work, he tells police he was able to free himself from the handcuffs and escape.

Upon executing a search warrant, detectives located handcuffed attached to the hot water heater and plastic cups containing what appeared to be urine.

Richardson is lodged in the Warren County Regional Jail for fourth-degree assault and kidnapping an adult.