Bevin speaks in Glasgow

GLASGOW, Ky. – Governor Matt Bevin made a stop in Glasgow Monday for a community forum.

Over 100 people from all around Barren County filled the room today to listen to Bevin.

Bevin discussed and answered a variety of questions.

One topic that has been on the minds of many state workers is the underfunded pension system.

Bevin said one of the two main reasons he ran for office is because of the pensions.

“The pension system is one of the worst funded pension systems in America, in the history of the world, not just the United States, but the history of the world where defined benefit plans have existed the world over for many years. There has never been a pension system as poorly funded as ours currently is, that did not fail,” Bevin said.

Bevin also explained Senate Bill 151.

“What Senate Bill 151 does is in addition to changing it for future employees, the benefits they would get, it also says that we have to go to level dollar funding,” Bevin said.

He also discussed a recent trip to China, for the very first China Import Expo.

“They invited every single governor from the United States to come and guess how many of them came? One! I was the only one. You think that that was not noticed? Do you know how much press we have gotten? The China Daily, which is a publication that is read by more people than any newspaper in America, millions and millions of people,” Bevin said.

Bevin is seeking a second term in office and criticized the two Democratic candidates vying to run against him, Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear and Rocky Adkins.

“While I disagree with the two who are in the mix on just about everything. I don’t think they have the right vision for Kentucky. I don’t think they are really that qualified based on their life experiences, but I am grateful to them for putting themselves forward,” Bevin said.