Beshear’s redistricting veto results in lawsuit

WARREN COUNTY, Ky. – Governor Andy Beshear is fighting an uphill battle tonight against redistricting plans for the state’s six congressional seats

But republican state leaders are already fighting back, and Beshear is nearly out of time.

Thursday, the Kentucky House voted to override Beshear’s veto of redistricting plans passed by House Republicans.

Beshear vetoed the plans Wednesday, saying Republicans illegally drew the maps to benefit GOP political candidates.

Currently, Warren County is contained under Senate District 32,

However, the republican redrawing splits the county between three surrounding rural districts.

Republican District Senator Mike Wilson said this redraw balances power between high and low populated areas

“It gives Warren County three more voices when it comes to issues that are in the Senate in regards to Warren County,” Wilson told to News 40.

However, Beshear disagrees and released this statement saying, “One look at the map reveals what those who drafted it in secret were trying to hide: the redistricting plan is a political gerrymander.”

He also says the redrawing, “…appears to dilute the voices of certain minority communities.”

Wilson said it’s all about perspective, “We just have a difference of opinion. I see it one way, he sees it another. You know, you have that in politics all the time.”

Thursday, a lawsuit filed by Franklin County residents and the state Democratic party challenges the Republican-crafted redistricting maps. The suit hopes to keep the plans from going into effect.

If Beshear decides to take no action by midnight, the plans become law tomorrow.