Beautification project in the works for I-65 exits in Warren County

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- A makeover may soon be coming to the exit ramps along I-65 in Warren County.

During a meeting Wednesday morning attended by Warren County and city of Bowling Green officials, details were discussed on Operation Pride’s BeautifI-65 project.

Operation Pride is an organization, dedicating itself to making Bowling Green and the rest of Warren County an attractive community.

BeautifI-65 calls for sprucing up five exit ramps in Warren County, with lush landscaping, fencing and possibly new signage.

According to the Executive Director of Operation Pride, Angie Alexieff, the project will likely be done in phases.

“When drivers come into Warren County, they are going to see it being different here and it looks better than any place they’ve driven from north to south,” said Alexieff. “That’s the goal.”

It remains unclear how much the project will cost. Funding is likely to come from both private and public dollars.

The hope is to begin the first phase sometime this fall.

To view a video of the renderings, visit: