Barren County students earn Google certification

From high school students to Google experts.

Barren County High School students are making history.

“We are really big in Barren County about being cutting edge on things. Whatever is good for our kids is what we are going to do,” technology teacher Ruth Ann Gumm said.

Barren County High School was selected as one of three schools in the commonwealth to be chosen as a pilot program for Google Cloud G- Suite Certification.

Jayden Thomas-Aument was the first student to complete and pass the certification test in the world.

“Well it was a surprise I even passed because I have never done anything with Google and there really wasn’t much preparation for it like for our other exams. It was more like, you look at a document and it tells you things you need to know for it and you kind of go in it blind sighted because nobody else has ever taken it so you have no examples of what you need to know,” Thomas-Aument said.

The certification proves the ability to use cloud-based tools to create and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and files.

Thomas-Aument and three other seniors received the certification at Barren County High School.

“I think it’s pretty great. I get to add on this certification on to the list of the ones I have already gotten through the IT help desk class with Ruth Ann Gumm. The fact that it will help me get jobs and put me ahead of the game in comparison to others, is phenomenal to me,” student Jared Tunks said.

This certification lets employers know these individuals are ready to successfully operate in a modern work environment.

“Certification testing, industry certifications, that is where it’s at right now because that shows the world what our kids can really do. Our kids are amazing, but unless you have that paper to go with it, nobody really knows that,” Gumm said.

“Honestly, it feels quite great and I feel quite proud of the fact that we are the first pilot class to take the test and be certified in this for students,” student Quincy Ford said.

The certification exam was given to 31 students in the state and only 16 passed.

These students are proud of their achievements and to be able to participate in this Google pilot program.

“It was very interesting just being part of the pilot program, something new. It was a lot different from anything else we have ever done. It seems like everything else we have done for certifications go, it has been smoothed out and works as it goes and a lot of preparation for it,” said student Travis Pendygraft.

The certification is still in the early stages, there is no word yet when Google will release the official certification to the public.