Barren County School district keeping healthy food options despite proposal in Washington

GLASGOW Ky.-Officials from the Barren County School District, one that emphasizes healthy meal options, say they are not excited about a recent Trump administration proposal that would allow schools to serve less fruits and vegetables.

“Initially hearing the fact that we wouldn’t have to offer fruits and vegetables as often or as in the variety that we have is kind of disheartening in a way. I think our students really have grown to enjoy the choices that we have,” said Barren County School District director of food services CheyAnne Fant.

The argument in favor of the proposal is that it would help eliminate food waste. The Barren County School District is already addressing that issue by using share tables, where students can leave uneaten items for their peers who may still be hungry. The schools also offer the fresh market, which gives students even more of a variety to choose from.

“It also does more than that, because it also gives students the opportunity to get foods that they might not have at home,” Fant said.

Opportunities that the students said they’re thankful for.

“I like it a lot. I see a whole bunch of kids come through and get different varieties because they have different options, like the salads for example,” said Junior Jason Gomez-Lopez.

No matter the outcome of the proposal, school officials said they’ll always keep up the healthy meal plans they have.

“It’s something that we have been teaching and training our students with since they have been in preschool all the way through high school,” Fant said.