Barren County/ Glasgow election results & reactions

It was a late night in Barren County. The county was one of the last areas in the state to release final vote totals.

They were not released until just after one this morning.

Over 15 thousand people in Barren County and Glasgow made sure their voices were heard on Election Day.

There were three races many were following closely: the Barren County Jailer, Mayor of Glasgow, and the Barren County Judge Executive.

Aaron Bennett and incumbent Tracy Bellamy competed for the Barren County Jailer position. Ultimately, Bennett received more votes.

“Very excited! Words can not describe the feeling. I am very excited. He has done a lot of good things. Tracy Bellamy and Matt Mutter over the last ten years that they have been up there, they have done very well. I am going to continue to build off what they have done and take it in a different direction, my own direction on that.” says Bennett.

Harold “MD” Armstrong and incumbent Dick Doty competed in a close race for the Mayor of Glasgow position.

Armstrong won by 115 votes.

“It was more of knowing that I had fulfilled my obligation to the people who wanted me to run and it was joy for that more than anything. I said if I could win by five votes, it’s just as good as two thousand. I just wanted to win for those people so I could put them in the position where they have a say in city government.” says Armstrong.

The Barren County Judge Executive race was between Gary Tilghman and incumbent Micheal Hale.

Hale was reelected for a second term.

“I am excited. I am ready to roll. This is a position that I truly love and I am going to make as many positive impacts on peoples lives that I can. I am ready to continue doing the great things that we’ve accomplished.” says Hale.

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