Barren County Family Resource and Youth Service Centers to receive large grant

GLASGOW, Ky.- Staff from the Family Resource and Youth Service Center of a local school district are ecstatic after news that they will be receiving a large grant.

The Barren County School District will receive a $200,000 grant from the Governor’s Emergency Relief Fund. This grant will go towards kindergarten readiness for the elementary schools and mental health support for the middle and high school.

The mental health support will be very hands-on. Fifteen families per semester will meet with therapists, and they’ll participate in area beautification projects. They’ll also learn to bake from local pastry chefs, and they’ll even paint local basketball courts.

District staff are thrilled to have a whole new way to serve the students and families as everyone returns this fall.

“When we got confirmation that we received our grant money, of course then it’s just elation and letting our folks know that are going to be part of the things that we’re doing per these grants. Letting them know that we’re on, we’re good to go, it’s green light go, so now it’s like boots on the ground,” said Barren County Schools family resource and youth service center coordinator Shelly Thomas.

The district is estimated to get the grant money around September.