Barren County Detention Center helps inmates after their release

A second chance at freedom.

The Barren County Detention Center has a program to help inmates once they are released, in hopes of breaking the cycle.

The Resource Responder program at the Barren County Detention Center assists inmates with job placement, work clothes, and even living arrangements once they are released.

Each month, nearly 30 inmates, who are scheduled to be released soon, are given the opportunity to participate in the program.

Today, multiple speakers who have been behind bars in the past, stopped by to talk to the inmate, to give them hope and inspiration for the future.

Barren County Jailer, Tracy Bellamy hopes this program will help break the cycle and keep inmates from returning.

“What a lot of people don’t realize is, when they get out, they don’t have anything to go back to, except what they were in, that got them put in here in the first place. If one person gets out of here and changes their life and gets back on path, their family gets their loved one back, their kids get their parent back, their siblings get their brother or sister back.” Says Bellamy.

Bellamy says they have seen positive results so far.