Aviation Heritage Park remembers 50th anniversary of historic combat victory

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – This past Saturday, the Aviation Heritage Park hosted Remembering April 16, 1972, an event that featured a presentation from Former Air Force General Dan Cherry about his battle against the North Vietnamese 50 years from the date.

This was also the first time the general public was allowed into the museum located at the Aviation Heritage Park. The museum is yet to be completed but dozen got a look inside at what is in store for this new Bowling Green landmark.

Between doors opening on the museum and honoring the 50th anniversary of his battle, April 16th, 2022, was an important day for Cherry.

“You couple that the excitement of seeing the building for the first time, and then this important anniversary for me,” Cherry said. “50 years ago, doesn’t seem possible that time has gone by in such a big hurry. It still doesn’t seem possible. It’s been that long ago but it passed.”

The Aviation Heritage Park’s next event is scheduled for June 18th when they host their annual Hangar Party. Tickets go on sale on May 15th.