Aviation Heritage Park moves closer to opening new museum, volunteers needed

BOWLING GREEN Ky.- Aviation Heritage Park is one step closer to opening a new museum and adding to their collection of aviation artifacts and equipment. These artifacts are scheduled to arrive Tuesday, and the Museum needs help moving in.

The museum is bringing the stories of aviators to light by utilizing artifacts. Some of these artifacts are big, like the air crafts in the park, but other smaller artifacts will soon be on exhibit in the museum.

“We have so many stories, that are being lost, being forgotten, and we have to get those stories, on the floor, so people can see; people can remember; and people can honor; our aviators,” says Bob Pitchford with Heritage Aviation Museum’s board of directors.

The museum will open on Sept. 31, but in the meantime, if you would like to volunteer to help move equipment into the museum, moving will be next Tuesday, Aug. 1.