Aviation Heritage Park hosts 9/11 memorial event

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Aviation Heritage Park in Warren County held a 9/11 memorial event on Saturday.

Aviation Heritage Park is a park center around military aviation, the perfect site to host the memorial and spend a few minutes honoring the fallen and showing respect to military members, firefighters and police officers past and present.

At the event, the public stood and sang the national anthem before listening to retired Major General Allen Youngman who was the commander of the Army National Guard and the Air Force National Guard in Kentucky on September 11, 2001.

He spoke about that horrible day and where he was when the towers fell.

Youngman says remembering is vital.

“It’s absolutely essential to understand the past if we want to try to build a better future. Things we need to remember, one, that the people in the World Trade Center did not ask to be in a fight. They went to work that day to their jobs, trying to earn a living for their families, and they were selected as a symbol of American life, of the American economy, and they were murdered for that reason,” said Youngman.

According to Youngman, he knew immediately after the second tower was hit that America would be going to war and said he was thankful to every service member who spent time overseas fighting over the past 20 years.