Artist Andee Rudloff & South Warren Middle create diversity mural

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – South Warren Middle Schoolers were in for a treat this week – the kids designed a school mural to celebrate their diversity and creativity.

Thanks to Arts for All Kentucky’s award, the student got to paint alongside local artist Andee Rudloff .

“I’m really thrilled to be part of the conversation and see how the students enjoy coming together to be a part of something,” Rudloff said. 

The school’s art teacher, Paul Johnson said he loves seeing the kids express their individuality and commemorate their time as a Spartan.

“I’m thrilled that our students have the opportunity to work with a practicing artist and leave their legacy for years to come,” he commented. 

Rudloff said the young artists have risen to the creative challenge.

“[They painted] things like nature, technology, patterns, and even the abstract of patterns in your day is how they’re creative,” she noted. 

The students said they love knowing a piece of them will be at that school even while they graduate to the high school. will post a full picture of the mural when it’s completed.