Artisanal cheese in Barren County: Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese

AUSTIN, Ky. – When life gives you milk, make cheese!  They’ve been at it for years with no signs of slowing down.

Kenny Mattingly, along with his wife Beverly, have been making cheese since 1998 and have a huge assortment of cheese on their property.

Practically living in their backyard are around 50 cows, dishing out milk every day that the Mattinglys use to turn into things like “Kentucky Blue” and “Kentucky Moon.”

At Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese, they have a fairly large cheese making operation behind their cheese shop full of smoked gouda, white cheddar and a lot of other twists on classic cheese types you see at the store. Of course, they’re for individual sale but one could argue their wheels look too good to eat.

Kenny offers tours periodically to those wanting to see behind the scenes and learn a little more about the magic process and could offer some opportunities to get in on cheese making for the laypeople out there who choose to stay in the AirBnB they have above the cow observation deck.

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