Art in the park? Let’s go to Franklin!

FRANKLIN, Ky. – For the second year now, the Franklin-Simpson Parks & Rec department is partnering with the Franklin Presbyterian church to offer art at the park.

It’s a small one hour event happening on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for the next six weeks to encourage kids to have some quality time outside and get in touch with nature.

The church wanted to offer kids something aside from vacation bible school for the summer and to try to switch things up as much as possible for all the kids needing things to do during the summer.

They’ll be playing with paint and glue, as well as some more nature focused activities as the summer progresses.

Community Coordinator Bailey Pickens said, “Our hope is that this is a way to get kids in touch with their own creativity, their own gifts that God has given them in making things, and also to be outside while the weather is lovely. So many things for kids are indoor and it’s good for children to be outside, to be in the sun, to be in the fresh air, to move a little bit.”

Pickens added that this isn’t just for Simpson County kids but anyone who feels that the drive over might be worth it.

Pickens said they would be happy to have any and everyone come out.

The outings are from 10 to 11 a.m. on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, bouncing between Jim Roberts Park on Tuesdays to Lincoln Park on Wednesdays.

To stay up to date with information, you can check the Franklin-Simpson Parks & Rec Facebook page.