Art exhibit made by Kentucky veterans opens in Franklin

Gallery on the Square hosting Kentucky Veteran Project exhibit Dec. 11 - Jan. 5

FRANKLIN, Ky. – Veterans have plenty of stories, but sometimes they don’t need any words to tell them.

Instead, a brush, a canvas, and the flick of a wrist can paint a picture of a story better than words could do it justice, and that’s the purpose of the Kentucky Veteran Project.

“The project is veteran-based,” said Gallery on the Square Executive Director Lisa Deavers. “Every project is created by a Kentucky veteran, their spouse, their child, and I think there are a couple of grandchildren in here as well.”

Gallery on the Square in Franklin, Kentucky, is the first venue to host the exhibit, which will spend the rest of the year traveling to multiple destinations across the Commonwealth.

The gallery features 44 pieces of art created by individuals with ties to all branches of the military, and to wars dating all the way back to World War II.

“I think it’s a wonderful tribute not only to the Kentucky veterans, but also to artists as well,” added Deavers.

Not all of the pieces of art are war-themed, though. For some, this art acts as a way for veterans and their families to cope with the challenges and hardships that come with serving this country.

“I think it’s a great outlet,” Deavers, whose father served in the military, said. “Art can be used in so many ways and therapy is one of those. This is very therapeutic for a lot of those veterans.”

There’s an age-old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, these pieces could write books on the service, tragedy, and sacrifices made by these veterans and their families.

“That’s just the constant reminder of the sacrifice that our soldiers and our veterans have made for our country,” said Deavers. “It tugs at the heartstrings.”

The exhibit will remain at Gallery on the Square until January 5, but will eventually be on display at the Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center (SKYPAC) in Bowling Green starting in August 2019.