Arrests made in overdose deaths in relation to Fentanyl

FRANKLIN, Ky. – The Franklin Police Department put three men behind bars following two deaths in Simpson County.

During both of the two overdose related death investigations, law enforcement arrived on the scene for an unresponsive male and began treating the men on the scene.

Both men were transported to the hospital and pronounced dead.

These two incidences happened in January and April of 2021.

According to Jacky Hunt, the executive director of the South Central Kentucky Drug Task Force, overdose incidences are increasing and fentanyl is often to blame.

“We are seeing the same thing that they’re seeing in other parts of the state is everything has been mix with fentanyl. Whether you are buying pills on the street are you’re taking meth. You’re seeing it in cocaine now,” said Hunt.

Hunt said, recently, he has started seeing a lot of pills that look like a Xanax or an Oxycodone testing positive for fentanyl.

In regard to the overdose deaths in Franklin, Timothy Davis Jr. of Springfield, Tennessee, Wesley Peters and Jeremy Davenport of Bowling Green were all charged with trafficking fentanyl, trafficking heroin and manslaughter.