Anti-circumcision protesters march in Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- If you were traveling in Bowling Green on Friday near Nashville Road and Campbell Lane, you may have noticed a group of protesters holding signs and dressed in all white.

The group calls itself Bloodstained Men and they are against circumcisions.

Eight protesters from the group marched from corner to corner with their signs so all of the motorists at the intersection could see.

The group is on what they call the Heartland Circumcision Crisis Tour.

On Saturday, they’ll travel to Nashville to do the same thing there.

Nearly 60% of infant boys in the United States are circumcised every year, a practice group members say is inhumane.

“It’s a crisis for every boy that gets cut,” said Harry Guiremand, a member of Bloodstained Men. “The damage cannot be undone once he has been cut. Our main objective is to educate parents before they make a mistake and allow their boy to be injured in this way, which is damaging, harmful and has been sold to Americans under false pretenses.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, circumcisions promote better health and hygiene and could help decrease the risk of contracting HIV and several other sexually transmitted infections, as well as other health problems.