American Red Cross offers weather radio training to the community

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Hotel Inc. partners with the Red Cross to train the community on how to use a weather radio.

“Here in Delafield specifically, they had wanted to have a weather radio event where people could come and learn about how to use a weather radio. They receive a free one, and then they would help program that for them,” Alan Casada, Director of Operations for Hotel Inc. says.

A weather radio is a convenient way to help people stay aware of severe weather and potential warnings that may occur.

“We are super excited to be able to work with Hotel Inc. and the Delafield Co-op. We are focusing on areas in the county that are at the highest risk of displacement due to natural disasters, so that’s why we wanted to focus on this area first. I’m just glad that we got to come out here,” Joshua Riddle of the American Red Cross says.

One of the key settings of a weather radio is that it’s not just for thunderstorms and tornadoes.

It can also give out Amber Alerts and any other disaster warnings to the community. If you missed out, there is a way to still get trained on how to use a radio.

“We’ll be doing more weather radio trainings in the community. If anybody is interested in doing one of these trainings, they can reach out to myself or they can contact somebody on the Red Cross Facebook page,” Riddle says.

A list of those sessions can be found on