Allen County votes in favor of alcohol sales

SCOTTSVILLE, Ky. – After the election yesterday, the race is set for November between Democratic Governor Andy Beshear and Republican Attorney General Daniel Cameron.

However, one county also voted on another question.

Allen County is officially wet for the first time.

“It passed yesterday by, I think, by a pretty good margin… about 750 votes. So, the citizens have spoken. They want to put it on the ballot. They wanted Allen County to be wet and that falls back into my lap to get things going,” Allen County Judge Executive Dennis Harper says.

Citizens have historically been against the sale of alcoholic beverages, but this year saw a change that not many expected. Sales will not start immediately, as vendors must apply to be able to sell first.

“Probably between at least 60 days before applications will be accepted and they will be accepted through the portal on the Kentucky Alcohol & Beverage Control System on the Internet. So, anyone wanting to do that will probably be at least 60 days before we can do that,” Harper says.

After the approval, expect sales to officially begin in the fall.

“We’re probably looking at between into September. They end up in October, somewhere in that time period before we actually see alcohol on the shelves here in Allen County,” Harper says.

Harper has one simple message for citizens waiting for sales to begin.

“Just be patient with us. We are getting started today. Since I got in the office, I started making phone calls to citizens and the governments around us that are aware and talking to them to see how they do it? Like I said, it is going to be at least October probably before we start seeing any liquor on the shelves here in Allen County,” Harper says.