AI is Ahead of Schools

WARREN COUNTY,Ky.- School is right around the corner for some students and for others it has already started, and technology is growing like never before. There are many different softwares that students are able to use. There are many ways to look at AI. Some say this is beneficial for students.

According to Steve Momirella a WKU Professor, “What we are seeing now is generative AI which is being able to type a couple of words and push a button and see some pretty magical things happen. Everyone is calling it chat GPT, but that’s just a very small small piece of the over all artificial intelligence picture.” He also says,”There’s an opportunity. The skills in the work place companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Disney, and Netflix are posting jobs with these skills required so I think its an opportunity to integrate these tools into the classroom and teach the students the ethical way to use them.”

Assignments are becoming more digital based and technology is being added to the classroom now more than ever

“After covid and every kid needing a device that they’re doing work remotely. In our district bowling Green city schools we are one to one. Every student has a Chromebook provided by the district, and some schools they take those home. Some stay in the classroom. Through our filters we can block whatever the Kentucky department of educations blocks and we can block out things, so if teachers come to us, and there’s this tool that a lot of kids are using to help with math. We can avoid that,” says Will King the Director of Technology

The change may seem new and different but with experts staying up to date with  the new technology theres less to worry about when it comes to artificial intelligence.