Ag commissioner visits seed library

BOWLING GREEN Ky.- Libraries have always been fertile ground for expanding knowledge. But they are now sowing seeds for people interested in growing their own food.

The seed library at the Bob Kirby Branch of the Warren County Library offers people the chance to pick up seeds to harvest and grow some fresh fruits and vegetables for themselves. Friday, Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture Ryan Quarles visited the Bob Kirby Branch and explained why the seed library is beneficial to raise awareness of agriculture.

“One of the biggest issues facing agriculture is that we have a lot of consumers and young folks who don’t know where their food comes from. A lot of folks think foods magically appear at a grocery store, but it all starts with these seeds,” Quarles said.

Educational delivery services coordinator Laura Beth Fox-Ezell says the seed library keeps itself running each year through harvesters donating back leftover seeds.

“It’s to promote access to seeds, so all of our patrons have access to free seeds they can check out. It’s supposed to promote sustainability practices. We encourage our patrons to save seeds, and then return them after their harvest next year to keep the library going,” Fox-Ezell said.

The seed library is also a good chance to show the community the hard work that goes into harvesting.

“They’re important I think because it helps educate our community about how hard it is and how difficult it is to grow seeds at home, but it also I think will promote a greater respect to our community for what farmers do and what local farmers do in our community,” Fox-Ezell said.