African percussion groups performs at local school in celebration of Black History Month

BOWLING GREEN Ky.-A Black History Month celebration took the stage at Bowling Green Junior High school. Coming from Nashville, Baba Musa and Natures Drummers are a musical group specializing in African-style percussion music.

Led by Baba Musa, the goal is to introduce the students to another culture’s style of music. Baba Musa said he really enjoys the student’s reactions.

“My favorite part is looking at their responses; their laughter, their enthusiasm, their surprise, that kind of stuff,” Musa said.

The performance drummed up so much excitement in the students, that they wanted to get in on the action themselves, which is exactly what they did. Students had the chance to drum and dance, an experience they said they enjoyed.

“I loved how they were talking about black history month. It’s just an inspiring topic in my life. It gives me a new view of life,” said eighth-grade student Elijah Starks.

Baba Musa said the experience wouldn’t be complete without participation from the students.

“What I enjoy about that is to be able to share that experience. Some are excited about doing it, and some are scared. To see them get past their fears, it’s just amazing to me,” Musa said.