AESC battery plant set to open in Warren County

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Gov. Andy Beshear helped put the final beam on a new battery plant that is set to bring around 2,000 more jobs to the Commonwealth.

This newest addition to the Kentucky Transpark is for AESC, a company based out of Japan.

“This is a game changing, state changing project here in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Combined with a couple of other projects, it makes us the electric vehicle battery production capital of the United States of America. What’s behind us is going to provide 2,000 good jobs for our Kentucky families and cement us as an automotive leader for decades to come,” Beshear says.

CEO Shoichi Matsumoto explains why he chose to come to Warren County.

“This place… very good for a growing area and also the infrastructure is very good and also the workforce & very strong support from the government,” he says.

Beshear is grateful to AESC for all their help during the process of coming to the Transpark.

“This started with a meeting in my office with two gentlemen and a laptop, and now you see a $2 billion facility and the topping off ceremony, which is so spectacular today, but getting a chance to meet Mr. Matsumoto, talk to him about his vision for AESC and how this will be their biggest facility anywhere is really special. He’s committed to us and to Kentucky, and I’m really excited about how we’re going to grow together.”