A trip to “Scotch-land” by Warren County’s Community Education

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – At White Squirrel Brewery, a professional whiskey sommelier gave attendees a tour of Scotland, through scotch.

Community Education does their best to provide the community a variety of events both fun and educational, available for sign-up on their website and this one was outfitted for a spirited crowd, with a history lesson spread throughout.

Zach Smith, a professional mixologist at Dueling Grounds in Franklin came to share some knowledge about the small country and their rich history in whiskey distillation, encouraging the crowd to take notes on what they were tasting and smelling as well as listening to the story of how Scotland’s alcohol market evolved over the years.

Smith said it was a great time for him and loves the idea of “tours” of countries through the alcohol they manufacture, hoping to maybe do a tour of America next time or maybe Japan.

If you’re interested in checking out any of Community Education’s events, you can head to their website at https://www.commed.us/.