A hard time for our bakeries

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – With eggs costing more than they have in years, some local folks might be having a bothersome time.

It’s always unfortunate when things you like to buy often go up in price, and it probably doesn’t sit any better when it’s something you have to buy. Eggs are a hot topic right now with how the shelf price has shot up, and someone that significantly affects is owners of sweet shops. In Bowling Green and Warren County, there happen to be a few but News 40 spoke to just one today about her personal take.

Tianna Post along with family operate the Awaken Bakery shop in Bowling Green’s square who happens to use a lot of eggs. Post said since November she’s seen the cost of eggs go up around 30 percent. Awaken Bakery is a gluten free sweet shop, something not too common so naturally all the ingredients are high priced but Post said “just the simple stuff” like eggs, cream and flour are making a noticeable difference.