A different primary election in Kentucky this year

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Thanks to COVID-19, this year’s primary election in the Commonwealth of Kentucky has changed from the top down.

Many precincts have seen their polling places consolidate into one or two for a whole county. While that has meant a longer drive for some, others may have been used to walking or taking a quick bus trip to the polls in years past. This year, community organizations offering rides to the fewer polling places have become more valuable. Still, election officials said there have been few complications and turnout was average or just below average, with voters moving through lines quickly.

Mail-in ballots have also been in larger demand, which means it will take longer to count the votes. In an average election year, results would trickle in throughout the evening after polls closed but since absentee ballots can be postmarked up to and including election day, it will mean a delay in receiving those ballots at local courthouses so they can be counted.

Warren County Deputy Clerk Kelli Disney said even with few precincts available for casting a ballot in person, the process has been running smoothly and voters have been moving through the lines quickly. She also says voters who originally ordered an absentee ballot but have not received it can vote in person by showing up to the precinct with an acceptable form of identification and checking in with a poll worker who can cancel the absentee ballot.

Lynette Yates, Warren County Clerk said some voters expressed concerns about the security of their ballots but she explained there’s a process that allows voters to track their ballot right up to when it is received at the election office.