88-year-old woman skydives in Kentucky to honor son

88-year-old skydives in memory of son
Source: WLKY via CNN News)

(CNN) – An 88-year-old Kentucky woman jumped thousands of feet from a plane in memory of her late son.

At 88 years old, Bernadette Fife has taken a 10,000 foot plunge at Skydive Kentucky in Elizabethtown in honor of her son, Bobby Lynch. Lynch died in a car crash in 1979.

In May, Lynch would have celebrated six decades of life.

Fife said, “We miss him. We think of him every day. He was 16-years-old. Just at the prime of getting ready to live life.”

In addition, four of Fife’s five living children skydived for their 60th birthday. Her son says this is more than a thrill, it’s a chance to connect with family. This was Fife’s second skydive – the first being two years ago for her son Jim’s 60th birthday.

One of Fife’s sons, Jim Lynch, said, “I mean with me being in Florida most of the year and stuff like that, we don’t have the connection everybody up here does, but when it’s homecoming, it’s homecoming.

Although Bobby Lynch isn’t there for the reunion, he’s still part of the celebration.

“I mean he’s up there now and we’re going to get closer to him when we jump,” said Jim Lynch.

Fife says each jump is a reminder to cherish time while you’re living. And never let age get in the way of your goal.