5 prison guards face manslaughter charges after inmate dies

Some of the video above may be difficult to watch.

CATLETTSBURG, Ky. – Five former prison guards in Boyd County face first-degree manslaughter charges for allegedly abusing an inmate who later died at the facility.

Prosecutors played security video in court on Monday from inside the jail that shows the guards allegedly abusing Michael Moore.

Detectives say they’ve learned that Moore was highly intoxicated when he arrived at the jail which led to his confinement in a restraint chair.

That left him mentally and physically helpless.

Detectives say the investigation also revealed that the five jail deputies intentionally abused Moore, or knowingly permitted his abuse, and that the mistreatment caused Moore’s death.

According to court records, Moore died from blunt force trauma to his side, which fractured three ribs and caused internal bleeding.

If the five are found guilty, they each face 10 to 20 years behind bars.