4-year-old saves drowning sister

(WBIR/NBC News) A Tennessee toddler is alive and well thanks to the quick actions of her 4-year-old brother.

Gray and Andie Forrester were recently playing at their Knoxville home when 2-year-old Andie somehow got into the family’s fenced pool area and fell into the water.

Her brother jumped right in to save her.

I grabbed her tummy. I was trying to lift her so she could breathe,” Gray says.

“Andie walked up and said, ‘I falled in the pool! I falled in the pool!’ She was soaking wet and I looked at Gray and he was soaking wet and I just panicked,” Laura Forrester, their mom, recalls. “I flash forward so many times on how it happened so fast cause they had just been with me not even five minutes ago.”

Forrester was very careful when they moved into their new house to take the proper pool precautions.

“We installed the safety fence and the kids knew never to go out there without an adult or a babysitter. We installed beeps on the doors. We thought we had taken all the precautions,” she says.

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