348 students forced to move out of Minton Hall due to mold

Minton Hall houses hundreds of freshman honor students on Western Kentucky University’s campus.

However, when mold was discovered in the ceilings they were told they’d have to move.

For one freshman, this is now the second time she’s had to move out of a dorm on WKU’s campus because of mold.

With the uncertainty of her next home on campus looming, the difficulty of finding another residence grows.

The students were told they now have until Sunday to move out.

Today they’ll be notified where their next residence will be.

While a private contractor completes HVAC inspections and cleanings, the building must be unoccupied.

This process, unfortunately, affects the student’s studies and lifestyle.

However, Bob Skipper the Director of Media Relations at WKU says the student’s safety comes first.

Even though students are frustrated, some do recognize the move is for their safety.

In the midst of it all, they are also trying to stay positive about it.

With the building closing next week, students prepare to readjust and separate from friends.

Something they’re dreading even more than their final exams.