2nd annual Mason Cup raises funds for Mason Goodnight Foundation

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Some of the top junior golfers in the world, both male and female, have made their way to Bowling Green this weekend.

Each is competing in a golf tournament at the Club at Olde Stone, but this one has a special meaning to it – honoring the life of a little boy who passed away too soon.

“He is still putting his hands on everybody and playing a huge part in all of our lives,” said Jef Goodnight, founder of the Mason Goodnight Foundation. “It is absolutely incredible.”

Jef’s son, Mason, was an energetic, sports-loving kid who died in April 2017 because of a rare form of laryngitis.

Two years after his passing, though, Mason’s impact is still around for all to see.

“It’s hard to turn a tragic event like Mason’s loss into a positive, but we do the best that we can,” said Canon Claycomb, a golfer in the tournament. “I think this event is a very good step in the right direction.”

The event Claycomb is referring to is the second annual Mason Cup.

The tournament field is comprised of 30 golfers, two of which are from outside of America.

The event raises funds for the Goodnight foundation.

“He was truly the greatest kid ever,” said Cooper Claycomb, Canon’s younger brother and a former close friend of Mason’s. “I’m sure if he was here now he would love this.”

Mason played and loved baseball, but if you ask his father, it was golf that was his initial passion.

“He had a golf club in his hand from the time he could stand up and when he could swing it,” said Goodnight.

The Claycomb brothers, both Bowling Green natives and two of the top junior golfers in the country, helped organize this tournament last year and this year.

“Being able to help anyone is really awesome,” said Canon. “For it to be a family friend of ours that we’re helping out makes it that much better.”

Last year, the first Mason Cup raised nearly $70,000.

This year, they expect to bring in even more money for the cause.

“I think we’re hoping for 75 or 80 [thousand] possibly,” added Cooper.

The money raised for the Mason Goodnight Foundation is used to help kids play sports and go on trips in the Southcentral Kentucky community.

“We help kids be able to achieve something that they want and get an experience because that’s what life is about,” said Goodnight. “Life’s about experiences.”

Goodnight has personally experienced all the outpouring of support in the past two years, something he often struggles to put into words what it all means to him, his wife and their daughter.

“In two years to be able to give out over $125,000, it’s truly remarkable,” he said. “It speaks to what a great community that we live in.”

Tournament play begins Friday, Aug. 23 and concludes on Sunday, Aug. 25.