2020 marks 6 years since the Corvette Museum sinkhole

BOWLING GREEN Ky.- Feb. 12 six years ago an enormous sinkhole opened up at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green.

The sinkhole swallowed up eight classic cars on display.  It’s a story that made national and international headlines. Six years later, the museum features a sinkhole exhibit.

The museum’s director of marketing and communications, Katie Ellison said the sinkhole actually helped business. In the months following the event, the museum saw a 65% boost in visitors.

Ellison said she’s thankful that the situation turned out to be beneficial for the museum in the long run.

“We’re fortunate that it has created a new awareness for the National Corvette Museum. Anytime there’s a mention of a sinkhole anywhere across the globe, it seems like people like to reference the National Corvette Museum,” Ellison said.

A virtual animation sinkhole simulation is being upgraded to include the falling cars. The upgrade is expected to be finished by late April.